Repast Training Courses

Repast Training Courses

Lokale, door een instructeur geleide live Repast-trainingscursussen demonstreren door middel van interactieve praktijkoefeningen hoe simulatie te creëren voor agent-gebaseerde systemen met behulp van de Repast-omgeving. Repast-training is beschikbaar als 'live training op locatie' of 'live training op locatie'. Online live training (ook bekend als "live training op afstand") wordt uitgevoerd via een interactieve, externe desktop . Live training op locatie kan lokaal worden uitgevoerd op het terrein van de klant in Nederland of in NobleProg bedrijfstrainingscentra in Nederland. NobleProg -- Uw lokale trainingsaanbieder

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Course Name
28 hours
Purpose Agent-based modelling and simulation (ABMS) is a relatively new approach to modelling complex systems composed of interacting, autonomous ‘agents’. Agents have behaviours, often described by simple rules, and interactions with other agents, which in turn influence their behaviours. By modelling agents individually, the full effects of the diversity that exists among agents in their attributes and behaviours can be observed as it gives rise to the behaviour of the system as a whole. The Repast Suite is a family of advanced, free, and open source agent-based modeling and simulation libraries that have collectively been under continuous development for over 10 years. This four day course explains in detail how to create simulation for agent-based systems using the Repast environment. Course Objectives
  1. Introduce participants to principles and concepts of agent-based modeling and simulation.
  2. Develop participants’ capacity to read and understand agent modeling programming code.
  3. Equip participants with knowledge, so they understand the importance of accurate and precise modeling.
  4. Increase the participants’ understanding of systems of their own using the Agent-based simulation.
  5. Develop a better capacity to use and code agent-based systems using repast, reLogo.
Methodology The course models a variety of effective training methodologies including demonstration, practice, discussion, brain-storming, case studies, visualization and presentation. Once participants have gained an understanding of industrial modeling and simulation, they can use this knowledge in developing their own ABMS systems.

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