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14 hours (usually 2 days including breaks)


  • Good knowledge of SVN required.
  • Preferably the delegates will have completed the Subversion for Administrators and Subversion for Users courses.
  • This course can be compressed into a one-day course, with fewer exercises and thus fee can be reduced.


Deze cursus is bedoeld voor gevorderde gebruikers van subversie, zoals releasemanagers, projectleiders of iedereen die wil dat hun svn-repository zich in een gestroomlijnde productieketen bevindt, die sterk betrokken zijn bij filiaalbeheer, automatisch bouwen / compileren en testen, zelfs implementatie en bijwerken.

De studenten zouden profiteren van deze cursus die nauwer samenwerkt met hun ontwikkelteam en implementatieteam, vooral voor grote bedrijven of bedrijven met geografisch verspreide vestigingen.

Deze cursus biedt veel oefeningen op CentOS 5 virtuele machines.

Machine Translated

Course Outline

Subversion design philosophy and its advantage

  • Typical copy-modify-merge scenario, how to solve simple conflicts
  • Set user policies and guild-line, make team collaboration smooth and consistent
  • Compensation to copy-modify-merge method (i.e., lock and unlock)

Branching and merging

  • When to create branches, several usages of branches,
  • How to resolve conflicts and do merging wisely, how to absorb changes in different directions
  • How to make use of new features of subversion to do branching and merging
  • How to encourage or discourage users' local branching

Everyday digest and revision review

  • Mailing list, RSS, digest
  • Blaming, delegation

Subversion properties

  • Built-in properties, properties with SVN: prefixed keywords, global properties
  • How to design and use these properties
  • Customized SVN properties for company
  • Creative usage of customised SVN properties
  • Disadvantage of SVN properties (i.e., mind the constraints and not to over-engineer it)

Subversion hooks

  • Hook types
  • General usage of already shipped hooks
  • Self-defined hooks
  • Be creative and imaginative

Secondary SVN server

  • For backup, fail-safe recovery
  • For automatic background tasks
  • For temporary arrangement (i.e., different locations, etc.)

Integration with other tools

  • Issue tracking systems (i.e., bugzilla, track, Jira, etc.)
  • Content managing system (i.e., wiki, etc.)



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