NobleProg UK launches Next Generation Learning 2024 


Owner / Director Ben Jenkins: 

'Social mobility is a term I wasn’t aware of when growing up. All I knew was that I wasn’t going to let a careers survey tell me I couldn’t be a barrister (but that’s a whole different post). State educated and the first in my family to attend university I can certainly attest to the fact there are some career ambitions which are incredibly daunting and seemingly impenetrable. 

The biggest danger to social mobility, on an individual level, is that the drive to achieve is extinguished, however quickly or drawn out, by a feeling of hopelessness. That, ultimately, the dream is unattainable and without the advantage of connections and opportunities, which only seem to befall the privileged, we lose hope. Undoubtedly social mobility requires a huge injection of belief, confidence and reinforcement of ambition. And this must be repeated over and over again - you can and you will. The lack of this, in many ways, defines the social differences which require the need for a focus on social mobility. In other words the sense of actually being ‘entitled’ to these careers and success generally as against a self defeating fear of the seemingly impossible, and doors that just aren’t open to all of us. But they should be. 

First we must provide an environment where ambition can take root. I’ve been a school Governor for 13 years and the Chair for nearly 4 and it’s clear that inspiring young people is the first step to social mobility. Let them see the possibilities and fiercely guard against any negative assumptions or bias which may sow seeds of any sense of inferiority. Once they have the aspiration and they bring the hard work we have to make sure they have a fair chance to succeed. 

At the Bar, in my previous professional life, for many years I held the role of being responsible in Chambers for mini pupillage (work experience for those seeking a career at the Bar). I was able to give young (and more mature) aspiring barristers an opportunity to see the profession, learn valuable lessons and contribute to the ambition that the Bar should not be the domain of the privileged few but is stronger in diversity. Being aware of how we can support social mobility so that everyone has a fair chance to succeed in their ambitions is crucial when you hold such positions. It’s crucial to a well functioning society. 

In 2019 I choose to leave the Bar to lead NobleProg UK. As gatekeepers of some of the most exciting knowledge and skills the world has ever experienced - AI, LLMs, Edge Computing - we now share the responsibility for ensuring that a new divide does not emerge. As new opportunities are created by the potential of bleeding edge technology, the risk is that these opportunities are only visible to the few. 

At NobleProg U.K. we are launching a series of free, advanced technology learning events to be delivered to 13-18 year olds from selected schools and youth groups. The hope? To give groups of young people an insight into the capabilities of these technologies, to ignite an interest. First we have to capture their attention and then they can formulate the ambition.' 


The first three sessions will be:  

  • SQL Powers the World - a 3 hour live, instructor led online learning event. 
  • AI: Harnessing the Power of People and Machine - a 2.5 hour live, instructor led online learning event.
  • Hacking Awareness for the Next Generation - a 2.5 hour live, instructor led online learning event. 


These events will be delivered by NobleProg's internationally respected expert trainers.


Groups already engaged include Girlguiding, youth groups, cadets. We're actively looking for more.


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